I am sure that 100% of Project Sponsors think that they are doing a fantastic job, yet 70 – 80% of projects fail, and the number one reason for this has been identified as the lack of visible and proactive project sponsorship.

Just looking at the numbers, it becomes clear that there are not a lot of good role models around from whom to learn best practice Sponsor behaviours. And the last thing you want to do is spend more time in your role as Project Sponsor, when you already have too much on your plate anyway in your day job.

But - are you making simple mistakes that are hindering you be the best Project Sponsor you can be? Have you understood the key behaviours to display to sponsor successful projects?

It is an admittedly difficult role, but one that can ultimately ensure the success of a project. - PMI White Paper

The secret of being an effective Project Sponsor is to really understand how the role needs to be set up in your specific circumstances and then install the right routines and habits to support highly achieving project teams to project success.

What to expect?

The  course has been structured to be in bite-sized, practical chunks  which  you can apply immediatly. You can move at your own pace. The course is  made up of 3 Lessons, which should be consumed over a 2 - 3  week  period. The content will take you circa 5 hours in total to work  through. Of course there may be some elements that you are already  familiar with, and others that you might spend more time on.

Your time investment will be circa 1.5 - 2 hours per week.

Course Programme

I want to take you on a journey – let’s just find out where you are  starting from! What are the challenges of the role in your organisation.  What are your circumstances? What are your experiences with the role in  the past?

These lessons will lay the basis for your Project Sponsor success:

Lesson 1: Potential to empower the Project Sponsor role

  • You will gain awareness of common Project Sponsor mistakes and challenges of the role
  • You will realise that with 2 – 3 hours regular time investment, you can  integrate powerful activities and behaviours that will pay back your  time investment manifold

Lesson 2: Revolutionising the Project Sponsor role

  • You learn the basics of the formal role of a Project Sponsor
  • Putting what you have learned so far into practice, you establish your own Project Sponsor role description and formalise how you want to engage with others in your Manifesto

Lesson 3: Changing your habits to be a successful Project Sponsor

  • You set a baseline for your own performance as Project Sponsor
  • You will identify areas for improvement in your role as Project Sponsor and develop a powerful action plan for implementation
  • You will start forming new habits for your Project Sponsor repertoire

After completing this course, you will have started on your journey to become a more effective and visible Project Sponsor. You will save time in the long run, be less stressed, have better results (more projects on time in budget to quality).

In order to get the most benefit out of the course, adopt the attitude of an active learner, don’t just passively consume the content, apply it to your own circumstances!

About the instructor

Passionate about helping people through Change

Cathrin Kolb

I have more than 15 years’ experience as a Change Manager and Project Manager in various sectors and countries. During this time I have coached and supported numerous Project Sponsors in various change programmes.From this experience stems my ambition to help you with the support and training you often don’t get!I personally have been trained & certified in Project Management and Change Management Theory (PMI (Project Management), Prosci (Change Management Facilitator), Lean Six Sigma trained up to Master Blackbelt Level). I am a Mentor with the Warwick Business School Mentoring Programme, which has won the Bronze Award for ‘Best Mentoring Programme’ at the British National Training Journal Awards. I have been a Mentor with the Programme since its inception in 2009.I plan to take you on a journey of discovery and learning. Here is to you becoming a more visible and more proactive Project Sponsor, contributing to the success of your projects!

So - are you fed up with project failure?

The secret to your success as Project Sponsor is to really understand how the role needs to be set up in your specific circumstances and then install the right routines and habits to support highly achieving project teams to project success.

Let me accompany you on your journey - I see you in the Course Platform!