How hands-on do you need to be as a Project Sponsor?

In this Mini Course we will look at the criteria which help you determine, which Project Sonsor Style is the most suitable for the situation.

To do so, we will look at the Project Sponsorship Styles Matrix Model (© A Chapman/Businessballs 2013).

What will you get out of the Course?

  • Distinguish Project Sponsor Style from Leadership Style.
  • Gain awareness around the criteria that trigger you to adapt your Project Sponsor Style.
  • Expand your Style repertoire.
  • Understand when you need to review your Project Sponsor Style.
  • Clarify the difference between role of Project Sponsor and Project Manager.

About the instructor

Passionate about helping people through Change

Cathrin Kolb

I have more than 15 years’ experience as a Change Manager and Project Manager in various sectors and countries. During this time I have coached and supported numerous Project Sponsors in various change programmes.From this experience stems my ambition to help you with the support and training you often don’t get!I personally have been trained & certified in Project Management and Change Management Theory (PMI (Project Management), Prosci (Change Management Facilitator), Lean Six Sigma trained up to Master Blackbelt Level). I am a Mentor with the Warwick Business School Mentoring Programme, which has won the Bronze Award for ‘Best Mentoring Programme’ at the British National Training Journal Awards. I have been a Mentor with the Programme since its inception in 2009.I plan to take you on a journey of discovery and learning. Here is to you becoming a more visible and more proactive Project Sponsor, contributing to the success of your projects!

Considering the Project Circumstances and your Project Manager's Competence, select the best suitable Project Sponsor Style that you want to adopt.

Do you want to brush up your Project Sponsor skills?

In the Course: “Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success” we looked at a number of aspects that make a successful Project Sponsor. You will get the opportunity to commit to some powerful actions to improve your Project Sponsor activity repertoire.

Do you feel the Course “Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success” could be beneficial?

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